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VERITAS is Latin for TRUTH. Our Mission is, in essence, a Journey of The Self – a return to Source-Truth.  What is This? Through the presentation and elaboration of a highly dynamic, intimate, and experiential Core Consciousness Curriculum (C3), the Practitioner of Dynamic Integral Medica (DIM) undertakes an intense Personal Transformation. While initially seeking to resolve the seeming contradictions of Allopathic Materialism with Holistic Vitalism, the DIM-Candidate progressively becomes the true embodiment of a Spiritual Journey of Awakening: Student – Technician – Practitioner – Physician – Healer – Seeker – SEER.  One who integrates the Knowledge of the Kosmos with the alignment of Spirit-Mind-Body-Nature…and thereafter catalyzing in the Patient a corresponding Journey of Healing and Awakening of Self to Source-Truth…..

A Message from the Chancellor

The Call to Serve…and the TRIAD Path

In general, one decides to become a Physician or Practitioner of the Healing Arts because of a deep-seated sense of A Calling to Help Others.  This Calling, Itself, transcends the logistical and practical considerations of economics, prestige, time commitment, physical and mental effort, sacrifice of lifestyle, etc. True, the overall personal benefits can be -- and generally are – quite substantial during One’s Lifetime.  However, the Primary Impetus, the “Prime Directive” (so to speak) is quite usually TO HELP AND SERVE OTHERS IN LIFE, HEALTH, HEALING and toward the STATE OF WELLNESS.

This Calling comes from beyond the logical, rational, reasoning Intellect. It comes from beyond the emotional seat of desires and passions, and disappointments. It comes from – it is Sourced – from a Knowing of One’s Spirit-Purpose, One’s DHARMA – for One’s Lifework.  It is the Voice of The Soul, setting Life on a Path, a Direction, of PURPOSE.

All Traditional, Indigenous, Aboriginal Cultures have understood this Calling. Those who have been so called have undertaken a Life Commitment to a TRIAD PATH: A) Intense study of Natural Sciences and Mechanisms; B) Psycho-Culturo-Historical knowledge of The People, to serve as Teacher-Counselor-Leader; C) Personal Journey to Source-Truth, for Awakening to The Mysteries of The Kosmos (becoming a Mystic), lifting the Veils of Illusion and Ignorance (becoming Enlightened), and tapping into other-dimensional Energies (becoming an Alchemist/ Shaman). This process has not been linear and sequential. It has always been Dynamic – and Integral.  

 “Woe onto Those Who has lost Their Way!” Whether driven by a deep Calling or not, One who has forsaken the Triad Path, in favor of any one (or another) route of singular emphasis, has ultimately failed to develop into the Complete Physician – instead, developing into a niche-Specialist of a particular sort, genre, discipline. Whereas Specialization is important and valuable, without the Dynamic, Integral TRIAD Path, One becomes rigidified within that particular Specialization construct. In time, the specialized construct becomes more and more Generalized in One’s Consciousness, accepting and rejecting as Truth/Untruth, Possible/ Impossible, whatever is experienced as consistent or inconsistent (respectively) with Its Principles. Rigidity creates Dogma. Dogma becomes Religionistic. In sum – One becomes a Disciple of One’s Discipline. This happens with individuals…it happens with Cultures…and it happens with Systems of Knowledge. And in the Allopathic Materialist System particularly, the Triad Path has been forsaken, and especially in the past 100 years (since the Flexner Commission Report of 1910 <+>). The resultant irony of ironies is that the very Calling, Itself, to be a True Physician, remains outside of the understanding of Allopathic Materialist Science – for it is Spiritual, it is Causal, it is Ontologic, and Ontogenic. And, ultimately, One discovers that this Calling – this Triad-Path – is Teleological…i.e., it reveals a Kosmic Design of Creation – Evolution, amidst a dynamic flux of Harmony/ Disharmony, wherein the process of restoring Harmony (Healing) lies within the KNOWING of the very Nature of Kosmic Organization … applying this Knowing in accordance with Universal Laws and Truths.


A nice-sounding term – yet, what does it mean?  Source-Truth begins with the understanding that Kosmic Principles and Patterns are present and consistent on ALL levels of Existence, both manifest and un-manifest (non-apparent). As such, there is no disjuncture between the Micro-Cosmic, and the Macro-Cosmic, as everything is a continuum. What is Absolute, and what is Relative…what is Original and what is Final…what is Fixed and what is Fluid…what is Cosmic and what is Quantum…what is Subjective and what is Objective… The process of coming into a realization of Connection -- with Nature, with Universe, with Great Spirit, with Creator -- is essential for catalyzing a shift in perspective and framework for understanding One Self in relationship with The All. As per the Eastern aphorism, “All Dis-Ease results from Ignorance” – at VERITAS We understand the consequence of such Ignorance is a sense of isolation and DYS-connection from Source.  Integration of the multiple expressions of Cosmology drawn from the Ancient Wisdom Keepers of the Planet, along with the revelations of Leading-Edge Science, in the meta-paradigm of Integral Awareness…becomes the modus-vivendi of VERITAS.   

From Object Referral to Self-Referral

Essential to Healing is a shift in Reference. This is a shift from the sense that One is somehow acted-upon by the environment, and that these things/ forces cause One to feel-think-act a certain way -- to a different Reference focus wherein One’s own experiences of Suffering-Happiness-Illness-Well-being are the result of One’s own State of Consciousness. The change in Experience is therefore the result of a change in the Consciousness, or Awareness, of Self. The Core Consciousness Curriculum (C3) of VERITAS is designed to progress the DIM-Candidate along a Path of Self-Realization, from Object-Referral to Self-Referral, and setting the Candidate along a Lifetime commitment of Awakening. The DIM Practitioner is further committed to assisting Anyone who is Helped as Patient/ Client into a corresponding Path of Integral Awareness and Self-Realization.  Thus, becomes The Way of the SEER.

Healing and Self Realization

Healing onto Itself, or simply for the sake of Healing, serves the function of maintenance of a status quo, a return to a prior state of localized Harmony. This dynamic is largely present in what we observe within the general fields of Animal and Plant Kingdom activity. Order restored amidst disorder begets a return to the natural, established ecosystem matrix dynamics. In the generalized field of manifest Reality, this propensity of auto-correction, or Self-Restoration, serves to maintain the overall substrate of the field of Experience known as Consensual Reality -- or more simply put – “What IS”.  Repeated disruptions in the field of Harmony dynamics beget an emerging awareness within the field itself of a need to shift, to adapt, and to Evolve. This emerging Teleological impetus begets within the field the Transitional Reality (realms of chaos/ complexity/ interfaces) of – more simply put – “What is BECOMING.”  And so, Healing, Itself -- while necessary -- is not sufficient, to advance Evolution.

In the Human context of Experience, the Ignorance processes which elicit Dis-ease are met with innate auto-correction processes within the matrix, in what We often call, “Natural Healing”, or “Homeostasis”.  In the overall field of Consciousness of such an Individual, status quo is maintained.  However, repeated disruptions in the status quo create an unstable matrix which impacts upon Conscious Awareness – giving rise to Suffering, and a consequent Desire to ease such Suffering.  In the Consciousness off-set of Object Referral, the Individual seeks out the assistance of Another (Healer/ Practitioner/ Counselor/ Priest/ etc.) to act upon them, in order to relieve Their Suffering and restore them to Homeostasis. The simple relief of Suffering and restoration of their status quo state of Consciousness and Lifestyle appears sufficient – for the moment. Yet, in the presence of the overriding unstable field, Disharmony returns – and with it, more Suffering and Desire for Assistance from Another, and continued Object Referral dynamics.  Many so-called “Great Healers” have prospered substantially from this dynamic over the years – capitalizing on the “I fix You now, AND I’ll fix You later” – relationship.  Yet, when the external object (Healer/ Counselor/ etc.) is unsuccessful and/or unavailable, the Healing process does not take place – and Suffering continues.

“The True Purpose of Healing is to Return to the Path of Self-Realization.”  To Live and Practice in accord with This Credo is to accept a Life Perspective of Self-Referral – for OneSelf, and for All Others.  Kosmos streams forth the Teleologic Impetus of Change, of Movement, of Expansion.  Kosmos is the Call for Becoming.  The Ego of the Individual who is acted upon by separate others is the Resistance to Change, in the dynamic of Contraction, and Stasis. Ego is the Call for Being. The Alpha and Omega of Experience – of Existence – is the dialectical relationship of Being and Becoming…of Integrity and Evolution…of Object-Referral and Self-Referral…of Ego and Kosmos. The Integral Awareness/ Dynamic Integral Medica Practitioner, who is SEER, understands the necessity to activate the capacity for true Self-Healing within the Patient. The SEER induces Awareness within the Patient of ‘How I have Been – and How I Now Choose to Become’. For of particular Kosmic/ Divine Gifting to the Human species of Sentient Beings is the construct of Choice – the Choice to remain in Ignorance/ Suffering, and the Choice to Awaken.  Healing to advance awakening...Healing to restore status quo Stasis...These are the discernment parameters of the SEER in Practice with Others.  Yet for the Patient, to be able To Choose Properly, One must be Aware of Choice Options.  And thus, the SEER must serve as Light-Bearer to Patient Choice – which means an obligate guided Journey to Self-Referral.

In Summary

Utilizing the Archetype of the Helix, in the Biologic Metaphor of DNA, We Experience QUANTUM and VERITAS as corresponding, complementary ‘strands’ in Helical relationship with One Another.  Such strands constitute the lattice of a Matrix-Field of Consciousness of Wholeness, Healing, and Self-Realization.  Our Faculty have committed Themselves to this Path of Being and Becoming – both as Personal, and as Professional, Sojourners.  The Quantal nature of This Matrix-Field is certainly not an objective, static Repository of Information about Science/ Cosmology/ Healing. Rather, it is Truly Quantal, Dynamic, and Integral – for the Observer-Participant (Physician-DIM-Candidate) is co-vital to the Nature, Intelligence, and Impact of the entire QVIUS Experience.

We Welcome Your Joining with Us.  We are One.

EnRico A. Melson, MD, MPH, FACPM, ABIHM, KSJ



<+> The Flexner Commission, Chaired by Abraham Flexner of the United States in 1910, served as a Landmark in Professional Medical Education. Many saw its Intent and Mission as being simply a Scholarly Survey to document the Scope and Character of the many Schools and Training Programs for Health Practitioners throughout the Country (Allopaths, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, MidWives, Herbalists, Body Workers, Energetic Healers, Spiritual Healers, etc.).  Unfortunately, many others seized upon the Commission’s Findings and Recommendations, to accentuate and elevate the position of Allopathy and Allopathic Education to the forefront of Medicine and Science, establishing an hegemony of sorts, while marginalizing and suppressing (and in some instances, criminalizing) other Systems of Healing Arts and Sciences.