International University Systems

International University

The School of Dynamic
Integral Medica
Functional Healing
is a
primary degree
granting institution
within the
QVIUS System.

QUANTUM International University offers a comprehensive program that leads to the primary professional degree Doctor of Integral Medica D.I.M. This professional designation is given to graduates who have accomplished an acceptable degree of competency in the art, science and philosophy of making sick people well through the appropriate execution of vitalistic science and principles in the application of the healing arts. This program is taught from a philosophy based on the dynamic interaction between Universal Intelligence and that Intelligence Innate within all living creatures. The designation; Servant to Humanity (Ser.) is awarded to students who have successfully completed this program.

The credential, Dynamic Integral Medica (D.I.M.) is awarded to individuals who have already completed a primary professional medical program and successfully completes the postgraduate (D.I.M.) program. The designation; Servant to Humanity (Ser.) is also awarded to postgraduate students who have successfully completed this program.

The Somiatry Institute offers two vocational program leading to the Somiatric Practitioner Certificate and a four year program leading to the Practicioner of Natrual Medica (P.N.M.). These programs are offered to individuals with a minimum high school diploma and chose as their vocation a career in Bodywork and Functional Healing. All practitioners are expected to function with a D.I.M. Physician as their mentor.

All students must achieve an acceptable degree of competency in the Health Sciences as well as the Healing Arts. The Integral Medical program draws from the curricula of the basic schools within the QVIUS system; Ayurveda, Botanical Medica, Homeopathy, Clinical & Human Nutrition, as well as various philosophies of Indigenous Medica. A array of electives are also required to be successfully completed in such areas as, Ethnic & Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Healing Touch, Astro-Cybernetics etc. Students may petition for advanced standing acceptance into a program (evaluation is made on an individual basis).