International University Systems


Ser. Edwin C. Floyd, , M.S., D.C.,(DIM)

The Vision
An Institution for the
Twenty-First Century

". . . Success in the
(health care) industry
no longer be based on
how many patients a
health care organization
serves, but how many
a community actually
keeps out of the hospital
by promoting
in health and health services."

14th Environmental Assessment of the U.S. Healthcare System; Deloite & Touche LLP, VHA Inc., and Allina Health Systems, December, 1994.

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems (QVIUS) is the outgrowth of the University of Pasadena which was founded in 1973 to offer the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, International College of Homeopathy founded in 1990 to offer education and training in Classical Homeopathy and VERITAS International University founded in 1997 to offer education and training in Naturopathy. QVIUS is uniquely positioned to take the lead in the expanding vision of health care and education in the areas of life, health and healing. In 1922 drugless practitioners, naturopaths and chiropractors in the state of California, merged into one professional license and chose to jointly call themselves “chiropractors". Each of these healing arts accepted “VITALISTIC" principles and QVIUS is dedicated to evaluating and expanding those principles as explained in the Chancellor’s Message.

QVIUS is an institution committed to teaching the age-old vitalistic principles that are common to the healing arts of Ayurveda, chiropractic, homeopathy, oriental and most other forms of indigenous medicine. These healing arts each emphasize the promoting and sustaining of health by facilitating the body’s natural self-healing potential.

The original curriculum leading to the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree has been enhanced to include additional emphasis on clinical nutrition, kinesiology, herbology, phytology, naturopathic healing modalities, homeopathy, meridian therapy, ayurvedic, and mind/body medicas leads to the degree Doctor of Integral Medica (D.I.M.). Students already holding a degree as a Healthcare professionals are able to compliment their education and training by completing a postgraduate course that leads to the credential, Dynamic Integral Medical ( (D.I.M.) ) The postgraduate letters D.I.M. are italicized so that they may be distinguished from the degree D.I.M. and represents a postgraduate credential as the postgraduate student shall already be in possession of the required medical degree.

Students are able to and are encouraged to emphasize certain aspects of the curriculum and are allowed to further expand their healing tools (Medicas) by undertaking additional work leading to a post-graduate Credential in a specialized area. The postgraduate programs will permit students to choose to emphasize botanical medicas, homeopathy, meridian therapy, nutrition, somiatry (bodywork) or the integrated study of these various areas within the indigenous medicas.

Our vision of an institution dedicated to the integrated and expanding study and practice of the world's great healing traditions is also supported by the unprecedented re-evaluation of the basic a priori assumptions of the western world as to what is "real" (ontology), the evidence that "counts” to evaluate that question, (epistemology) and how these philosophical principles relate to maximizing health and the diagnosis and treatment of dis-ease. The Newtonian/Cartesian materialistic, mechanistic, and reductionistic model which has dominated western science for over 300 years, and allopathic medicine (MD) throughout this century, is being challenged on all sides including by the radically indeterminate and observer/manifestation-of-matter concepts emerging from quantum theory.

Science must include the exploration and evaluation of the evidence for, and significance of, the "Vital Force" which all the world's healing arts, except organized western allopathic medicine (M.D's.), believe operates in the Universe and animates all of biological matter. We are dedicated to being the focal point for the open exploration of these issues and to an expanding concept of science built upon an ontological assumption of wholeness and an epistemological assumption that reality is not to be fully "captured” by or from the purely objective.

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems recognizes that "dis-ease" has a social setting and is, therefore, intending to develop a degree program in public/environmental health. It also recognizes the significant impact the stresses of modern life place upon the individual and their mental/emotional state of health and is intending to also develop degree programs in clinical transpersonal and transformational psychology.

We also recognize that the twenty-first century physician will need the support of allied health paraprofessionals. We are, therefore, developing vocational programs which will offer courses in Botanical Medica, Homeopathy, Meridian Therapy, Nutrition, Massage (Somiatry) and various areas of Indigenous Medica.

Originally drafted by the late David Prescott, M.A., J.D., D.C.
Updated and edited by Edwin C. Floyd, M.S., D.C. (D.I.M.) President