International University Systems

School of Postgraduate
Continuing Education

The QVIUS School of Postgraduate & Continuing Education is Approved by California and Idaho Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and CE Brokers in Florida.

QVIUS School of Postgraduate & Continuing Education is a critically vitalistic teaching institution that offers health care professionals postgraduate training in the area of Dynamic Integral Medica and Functional Healing. QVIUS focuses on training and teaching in subjects that are grounded in an inherent theme and philosophy of an organized and intelligent ineffable dynamic identified by various names, i.e., Chi, Innate-Intelligence, Prana, Vital force, etc. These philosophies all recognize the dynamics of an organized intelligence animating the physical body that results in the expression of what is referred to as a living sentient being.

Within the School of Postgraduate & Continuing Education are the International Colleges of Ayurveda, Botanical Medica, Homeopathy, Human and Clinical Nutrition. These institution offer postgraduate training, leading to Associate, Senior Associate, Diplomate and Senior Diplomate status in the International Academies. Physicians with acceptable training in a particular area may petition for advanced standing entrance into a program or an academy.

Chiropractic Continuing Education offers, 12 hours of CE Relicensing Seminars to Doctors of Chiropractic. Four (4) hours of Diversified Technique and 2 hours in Ethics & Law are also available for necessary. CE credit where required.

Acupuncture Continuing Education offers 12 hours of CE Relicensing Seminars to Acupuncture Practitioners.

The Somiatry Institute offers continuing education to individuals who have completed acceptable training in massage and the various healing arts. This specialty program offers comprehensive training in the fundamental ways of analyzing, detecting and correcting the body by means of manipulating its various parts to facilitate the body’s natural return to order (physis). Studies within the Somiatry Institute focus on four fundamental areas: Craniopathy, Vertebrology, Kinesiology and Reflexology. Special emphasis is placed on the neurolymphatic and neurovascular systems. Studies include various other forms of deep tissue, structural manipulation and aromatherapy