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Rajne Sharma
Rajne Sharma
Dean of ICH

This program in Classical Homeopathy is offered by the International College of Homeopathy in Nampa, Idaho, Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida. As a practitioner you will truly appreciate and enjoy this program which is dedicated to the introduction and development of skills in such a way that allows one to immediately put them into practice as a Functional Medical approach to Life, Health & Healing. Upon completion of this course, the practitioner will be able to competently initiate a Dynamic case, and comfortably integrate this into an already existing practice. The International College of Homeopathy has been teaching Classical Homeopathy since 1989 and has developed a series of weekend programs specifically designed to place all the knowledge and skills one currently has into a model of healing, based on a fundamental understanding of Dynamic philosophy. This program is a must for the serious practitioner of Natural Medicine & Functional Healing

About The Program

This 300-hour program is broken into three(3) 100-hour segments: Introductory, Associate, and Senior Associate/Diplomate.

The first segment, Introduction, is centered around the introduction of the fundamental principals of Universal Intelligence, Innate Intelligence and Vital Force. This course includes thorough discussion in Philosophy, Materia Media, Case Taking and Case Analysis. Classes are held one weekend every other month.

The second segment, Associate, continues the discussion of the principles introduced in the first segment with an introduction of practical application. Classes are held Friday thru Sunday every other month to include a day of class case-taking.

The third segment, the Senior Associate/Diplomate, rounds out the training and prepares the student to fully integrate their newly-acquired skills into an already existing practice or develope a practice of their own.

Although Acute condition are covered, Chronic Condition will be the primary focus of this program. This course is designed to accommodate the schedule of busy individuals, seeking continuing education, in the field of Dynamic Natural Medicine.

The course provides knowledge in Homeopathy Materia Medica and develops skills in Case Taking, Case Analysis and use of the Homeopathic Repertory. The program is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Classical Homeopathy, and will augment current knowledge and skills one may have. Modalities and other techniques will be introduced which will allow the practitioner to completely integrate a comprehensive Dynamic Natural Medical approach into an existing practice or begin their own practice in Dynamic Natural Medicine.

Course Objective

This course is designed to accommodate desiring individuals, seeking a deeper understanding of homeopathic principles and the philosophy of Dynamic Medicine & Healing. The goal is to enhance one's current level of understanding and appreciation for the practice of Classical Homeopathy, while continuing to build upon one's already existing skills. Our mission is to assist in the pursuit of broadening your understanding of Missionary Medicine and the practice of deeper principles found within the Healing Arts.

DAY ONE: History and Philosophy

Day one is dedicated to development of a separate and distinct set of laws, philosophy and principles that govern Dynamic Natural Medicine. This is a must for all individuals desiring to hone their skills and subsequently engage in the pursuit of Dynamic Life, Health & Healing. There will be comprehensive discussions in this area. This session are centered around the QVIUS model of healing. These sessions will introduce the QVIUS model of healing and also introduce the skills of case taking, case analysis, remedy assessment, treatment, modality selection and case management.

DAY TWO: Materia Medica

Day two is dedicated to the introduction of 3 to 4 homeopathic remedies. These remedies will be presented in detail with a comprehensive discussion of the essence, keynotes, miasm and totality of each remedy.


Students are welcome to invite individuals to have their cases taken in class by the instructor. Students observe and take the case along with the instructor and then the class thoroughly discusses the case in order to practice skills learned during the first two days.


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